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Jim Gawluk, Owner

I have been married for 35 years and cruising along nicely. Brenda introduced me to travel years ago and we love to visit different places together. Over the past few years, photography has become another hobby and a nice way to unwind. 

I have been in the business world for the past 30 years with my main focus on consumable medical device manufacturing, distribution, retail  and education. I have also been involved in many new tech product launches in Canada and have enjoyed gaining that experience. 

Over the last 20 years, it has been my goal to familiarize myself with the latest products and applications in medical and clinical environments. I have paid special attention to continence care products and more specifically, hydrophilic intermittent catheters--spending the last 25+ years working with folks that require these products.

 Through my experience, I have realized the importance of matching best practices with best product availability. Over these years, I have also learned about the various funding agencies that cover the costs of these sorts of products and how they impact availability.

Best practice balanced with best product means various things to various people. With my experience in the latest technologies of these products, applications and impact they have on clients, it positions me very well to continue to seek out people that can benefit from such combinations.

I am very excited to continue my passion for these things. With 7 Generations Medical, I believe we can provide better services and products. I look forward to working with the clinical teams to provide tools to assist and impact their “evidence based” decision making and ultimately provide best possible outcomes for our clients.

Jim Gawluk


7 Generations Medical LTD.


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