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7 Generations Medical LTD


7 Generations Medical is passionate about assisting communities to promote health and wellbeing! That is why we have developed an educational program for your community.

The Total Care Program- Customized for your community


7 Generations Medical will travel to your community to assess your educational needs. We will collaborate with your healthcare professionals and clients to determine how we can best assist your community to adopt  best healthcare practices and products to increase the overall health in your community.


Features of the TOTAL CARE PROGRAM include:

  • On-site or remote consults including:
    •  wound
    • continence
    • ostomy
  • Quarterly follow-ups
  • Certifications and continuing education credits for healthcare professionals
  • Online learning modules for healthcare professionals and clients
  • Journal club
  • Advisory forums
  • Mentorship
  • Onsite product training in areas including:
    • wound
    • continence
    • ostomy
    • bathroom safety
    • mobility
    • and more!
  • Assistance with seeking out product coverage
    • These education and assessment services are provided to your community as the core part of our Total Care program and are "No Charge" to your community


More Information



More education is needed to keep communities healthier and promote health. Please ask about our prevention programs including our skin care program. Did you know that studies show daily moisturizing will reduce skin breakdown by 50%! Ask us about our Skin care promotional support, to reduce these skin issues

On-Site Consults


Let us set up an educational consult in your community. We will provide experts to assist in assesing wound, ostomy or continence patients. Gain knowledge and guidance from our experts in these areas. These experts share the latest in products and applications with your team. What better way to learn than hands on!



7 Generations Medical believes in working together. We commit to bringing experts to your community to consult with your healthcare professionals. Mentorship is key when the target is optimal health. We have nurses and experts in their field waiting to visit your community and work together to share these products and application improvements

Continence Care


Can quality of life with continence patients improve if we look at standard of care products versus improved technology and assessments? Well we sure think so! Plus, there are many studies to support. Many patients are using outdated products. There is improved technology and new products available that will prevent complications like infection, skin breakdown  and promote health. 

Wound Care


Do you have a wound? Do you know of someone that has a wound? Is it healing properly? Are you using the correct product and procedure. These are all questions that clients and healthcare professionals have. Let us assist you by providing a consult, wound care clinic or a mentor.

Ostomy Care


Ostomies are a speciality. That is why we have experts that can assist in this department. Whether it is finding the correct fit or using a discreet product--we will assist both clients and nurses to find the best ostomy solutions.